Before continuing with the Outrigger Padload Functionality, you must accept the Terms of Use Disclaimer.

The Outrigger Pad Load calculations produced by this Compu-Crane software are not a substitute for adherence to all load chart requirements and safe crane operating practices and limitations. Always confirm that the lifted load and the actual crane configuration are approved by the applicable load chart. In addition, the accuracy of the Outrigger Pad Load calculations is entirely dependent upon the Compu-Crane user inputting proper data/information. If inaccurate data is input, the Outrigger Pad Load calculations will not be accurate.

Design of ground support sufficient to withstand calculated loads is within the sole responsibility of the user of this software and/or the Site Supervisor (see ASME B30.5-2007 5- Reliance upon inaccurate calculations and/or improper ground support could lead to tip over (and potentially result in death, serious bodily injury, damage to the crane and/or damage to other property). If you have any questions as to whether the data/information you are inputting into the Compu-Crane software is accurate, please contact Product Marketing.